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1. Comprehensive Protection
Encircled diamond-shape heel clip helps you to lock in you back of your feet.
2. Durable and Strong
XTEP dedicated new technology, X-TEPBOOM system, is composed of ETPSIU material, carbon fiber and a full-length EVA.
3. Lightweight and Responsive
Achieved to 85% of the efficient of energy return and only 68g of the EUR size 42, the midsole is lightweight, elastic and responsive.
4. Stable Support
Dedicated carbon fiber, with tough hindfoot and midfoot part but elastic forefoot part, delivered stable support and high-efficient energy return.
5. Wear-resistant Outsole
External EVA is applied to restrict the deformation of midsole and improve the stability.

Xtep JLin 2 Men Professional Basketball Shoes “JLin White”

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